LeAnn Rimes Lands Reality Show

I really feel for Brandi Glanville. I guess sometimes people do not understand how much adultery and cheating really does destroy lives at times…

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Did you hear the news? LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian have their very own reality show on the way, called LeAnn & Eddie that is scheduled to debut July 17 on VH1. The trailer for the show was just released, and in the short three-minute plus clip, Rimes and Cibrian explain why they doing the show.

“Who we really are is a couple in love” says Rimes in the video. “We’re all trying to figure out how to navigate this with a family that is highly publicized.” Both Rimes and Cibrian acknowledge part of their “highly publicized” lives include the media backlash from their cheating scandals years earlier.

“We were both married to other people when we fell in love,” said Cibrian in the video. “Was it the best way to start of? Of course not, but it happened.”

What didn’t happen in the media, according to the…

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Madonna Launches Her Own Skin Care Line


Madonna launches her own skincare line called MDNA. With her ravishing looks and her age hitting above the 50 mark, she sure is one convincing celebrity to launch a beauty line. Celebrities are usually quite successful with skincare lines. They have the budgets to promote the line and can afford lavish advertisments and infomercials for promotion. We will have to order a sample of this serum to see if its lives up to Madonna’s standard of beauty.  The skincare line will consist of a skin rejuvinator to cleanse deeply the skin of impurities, a glowing serum that gives a glow to skin when used alone without makeup and clay mask The line will launch in Japan later this week. No press releases as of yet when the line will launch in the USA.


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