Work At Home

   Are you searching for the Perfect work from home opportunity?

Check out this list below of real and legitimate work from home opportunities! Some are even free!

* Save money on childcare! *

* No more asking a boss for time off for vacations or sick-days *

* Set your own hours *

*Work as a hobby, FT or PT! It Is up to you! *

Opportunity Listing:

Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories

45% commission! No catalogs to buy! Buying a kit is not required. You can get started for just $40 with this business; kits are optional. If you choose to build a team; you can earn monthly bonuses and down-line residual income. You can sell how and where you would like such as online, at parties, expo’s, fund-raiers and more. Ongoing support and training always available. Learn more or get started HERE



Project Payday

100% online work you can do! Get started in as little as 20 minutes; just follow the free steps!



Instant Rewards

You will be working with Fortune 500 companies such as NetFlix & Equifax as a referral agent.  Daily pay! Downline pay! If you can copy and paste; then you can do this. Fabulous agent and customer support! Training provided! You can even get started FREE or as little as $1! Get started HERE



Free to join; you even get $5 for signing up. When you earn $30 you can cash out via check by mail or a visa debit card through the company. There is no kits to purchase or any fees to get started. You get paid to click on emails and you can earn extra money doing things like surveys or referring friends which is optional.




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