Ways to earn money from home

I love coming up with new ideas to earn extra income from home! You can too! Keep in mind; working at home takes time and effort; you can not be lazy. I think it’s well worth it to not have to pay for as much transportation costs & childcare expenses. Some women work from home solely and are able to support their families that way; so the sky is the limit. Here are some ways to generate part-time or full-time income from home:

  • Start a babysitting business; check with your state on rules/regulations.
  • Begin your own house and/or office cleaning business; many people who clean use the supplies the client provides
  • Sell jewelry online and/or at local expos, fairs! This company offers a fantastic compensation plan!

Inexpensive activities for children to do during Fall Break

Fall break is here or approaching for many families with children in school. The little ones can get bored easily or you  may even hear the dread, “I’m bored” words come out of their mouths. With children; they tend to get a little anxious or ramboxious ; so here are some fun ideas to keep the children busy while school is not in session.

~ Take a visit to the local museum, aquarium, park or zoo! Usually these places offer special days where you can get a better rate or have activities or seminars going on  specifically because they know children are needing fun things to do when school is not in session.

~ Create your own treasure or scavenger hunt in your home or yard

~ Start your own play dates with neighbors and other parents so your children can get together while the parents can have adult conversation

~ If you like movies; have a movie marathon day; complete with snacks and cozy wear!

~ Try new restaurants; you may find a new favorite!

Gourmet Meals By Mail

Years ago I searched for a company such as this; who doesn’t love a wonderful and convenient way to spice up dinner plans at home? The company Plated is a company that sends gourmet meals directly to you. Your subscription includes the recipes you choose and includes the recipe and all ingredients.  Try your trial today! Just go HERE


LeAnn Rimes Lands Reality Show

Team Mommy Inc.:

I really feel for Brandi Glanville. I guess sometimes people do not understand how much adultery and cheating really does destroy lives at times…

Originally posted on NOW 100.5 FM:

Did you hear the news? LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian have their very own reality show on the way, called LeAnn & Eddie that is scheduled to debut July 17 on VH1. The trailer for the show was just released, and in the short three-minute plus clip, Rimes and Cibrian explain why they doing the show.

“Who we really are is a couple in love” says Rimes in the video. “We’re all trying to figure out how to navigate this with a family that is highly publicized.” Both Rimes and Cibrian acknowledge part of their “highly publicized” lives include the media backlash from their cheating scandals years earlier.

“We were both married to other people when we fell in love,” said Cibrian in the video. “Was it the best way to start of? Of course not, but it happened.”

What didn’t happen in the media, according to the…

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Feud Alert! LeAnn Rimes Sets Up Mother’s Day Battle With Brandi Glanville

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Originally posted on Radar Online:

Mother’s Day is a whole week away but it looks like LeAnn Rimes is already throwing out a challenge to her nemesis, Brandi Glanville .

Mother’s Day vs. Stepmother’s Day: Who Owns It? via @HuffPostDivorce Happy Sunday I really appreciate this article,” Rimes tweeted on Sunday.

Rimes, of course, is stepmom to the two sons her hubby Eddie Cibrian had with his first wife, Glanville, and the country singer apparently wants everyone to be reminded that stepmothers need love too.

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Rimes didn’t mention The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsstar by name but she was obviously on her mind as Mother’s Day approaches.

As Radar  reported, last year Rimes graciously sent Glanville flowers on Mother’s Day.

Is she feeling less friendly this year?  The article that’s had such an impact…

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